This Bahrain cafe is serving Japanese soufflé pancakes!

Pancakes are delicious as they are, but right now, Bahrain’s going crazy over a specific kind: Japanese soufflé pancakes!

If you like your pancakes fluffy, it does not get fluffier than the soufflé pancake. The name says it all: they’re soufflé-like in texture, but cooked in a pan, so there’s the added bonus of the crisp tops and bottoms we love to see in all pancakes

This particular style of pancakes is especially famous in Japan, but has since caught the eye of the island.

These airy creations are known for their cloud-like texture and lightness that melts in the mouth. Unlike traditional pancakes, the Japanese pancakes are more fluffy, airy, thicker, and smaller in size. 

According to Fluffy Cafe, they are the first one to offer the Japanese style soufflé pancakes in Bahrain. The cafe offers nine flavours including Oreo, Earl Grey and Sea Salt Caramel, Matcha, and Custard among others.

The cafe is located in Al Sayh but you can check out their Instagram account to know more!