This Bahrain brand is creating modest, modern and chic fashion pieces!

Although a small country, Bahrain is brimming with creative concepts and fashion choices. Just recently, we stumbled upon Flow With Ash (FWA) – a local brand offering modest, modern and effortlessly chic pieces.

We had a conversation with Aisha AlZayani, the founder of Flow With Ash to know more about her brand’s story.

Aisha AlZayani wearing FWA

Tell us a bit about yourself. What first led you to creating Flow With Ash?

I have a unique sense of style that you can’t really find in stores so I started designing clothes for myself. Soon after, my family, friends and acquaintances started asking me to design their own clothing. These humble beginnings inspired me to create Flow With Ash.

Who inspired you to create your brand?

My mother is my biggest inspiration. She has her own sense of style and would also design her own clothes. Up until this day, I still wear what she designed 20 years ago.

In an overly saturated fashion world, what makes FWA different?

It’s modest, trendy and one-of-a-kind. I rarely make the same piece twice – except for Ramadan season.

Describe the FWA woman.

Dynamic and modern.

Do you have a favorite piece in any of your collections?

“The Starry Night Project”. This piece was inspired by my favorite artist Van Gogh and his painting The Starry Night. The dress was a limited collection in 2019.

What would you say to people, especially the youth, who want to establish their own brand?

Just take the first step and everything else will follow. There will be some ups and downs but those are what make the journey exciting so don’t give up.