Things Got Weird At Gucci’s Fall 2018 Show

You can always count on Gucci to push the envelope with its elaborate runways, but Alessandro Michele took it to the next level today at the fashion house’s Fall 2018 show.

Baby dragons, human heads as accessories, a third eye and face masks: these are the key looks in Gucci’s cyborg world. Creating a waiting area meets operating room, the brand described its show on Instagram, writing, “the concept reflects the work of a designer—the act of cutting, splicing and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them. The materials used are typical of an operating room and the environment around it: PVC on the walls and floors, fire doors with panic-bars, LED lamps, and plastic chairs like those in a waiting room.”

Translating that theme into the collection itself, models hit the runway carrying items like human heads, baby dragons and iguanas (fanny packs and crossbody bags are so last season).


To be fair, how else does one outdo the Gucci logo bags that have infiltrated the street style scene and world other than by replacing them with dragon puppies?


Another model walked the runway in what first appeared to be a normal pink party dress, but upon a closer look was covered in a sheer tulle Gucci bodybag (when I die, please make sure my bodybag is Gucci). Oh, she also had a third eye. Other eye-catching looks from the collection included Kabuki-inspired knitwear and ski masks adorned in jewels.

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