Bahrain National Day, Features - December 16, 2022

The Largest Indoor e-Karting Track: 51 Great Things About Bahrain


#30 The Largest Indoor e-Karting Track

The first and largest indoor karting track in the region opened on the island in 2022. TraxBahrain at Bahrain Mall broke multiple records as a one-of-a-kind recreational space for thrillseekers of all ages. The track covers a distance of 500 metres built over three floors. The electric karts reach a speed of up to 80 kmph – believed to be the fastest in the region. The track is wide enough for three karts to race parallelly and the floor charging circuit is built for drifting and speed. While karting is a popular recreational activity for many in Bahrain, this indoor track provides an entertaining experience, especially during the hotter months.

This article is part of an ongoing series – 51 Great Things About Bahrain as a tribute to the Kingdom’s 51st National DayRead more in this special edition.

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