The Final Week of the Bahrain Summer Festival 2020 Kicks Off

The fourth and final week of the twelfth Bahrain Summer Festival will bring audiences a combination of artistic, literary and cultural activities starting today, Sunday August 23, 2020, all which can be followed on the @Nakhoolbah social media handle. Dates and details on the Bahrain Summer program are available on the www.bahrainsummer.bh website.

Young friends of the Bahrain Summer Festival have a series of workshops lined up this final week, starting with the “String Print on Butterfly” workshop presented by the Bahrain National Museum that will show children how to make their own artworks using colorful strings. On the same day, the festival will present the “Magnet Making” workshop that will have children assembling magnets using personal pictures for their refrigerator doors. On August 25, the “Paper Restoration” workshop will teach children how to restore valuable documents, while the “First Aid Workshop” will reveal how to protect artifacts from their surrounding environmental conditions.

On August 26, the Bahrain Summer Festival will present a workshop on “Fluid Art — Acrylic Pouring” in cooperation with the Meraki Art Space, as well as demonstrating easy ways for participants to update their clothing with the “Leaf Printing on T-Shirt” workshop. Finally, Nour Hassan will teach children how to make educational puzzles teaching numbers and letters while using wooden sticks and cans on August 27.

Storytelling activities will end on August 28 with “I Want My Hat Back,” narrated by Eman Alghawas, and “The City of Stones” narrated by Jumana Al-Qassab. In addition, the Super Soccer Academy will offer a football workshop that teaches basic football skills.

Regarding the latest cooking activities hosted by the Bahrain Summer Festival, audiences have a date with Waddah Swar on August 29, owner of the Lebanese restaurant Badawi, as he will make a variety of healthy and easy-to-follow Levantine dishes using the simplest ingredients.

The virtual tours of the Bahrain Summer Festival will conclude with a tour of the Post Office. Nakhool and Nakhoola will guide viewers on the tour of the Post Office Museum in Manama, which documents the history of postal services in Bahrain.