The Dragons are Calling: Dragon boating in Bahrain by Carmella Solido

Disciplined. Committed. Enthusiastic.

These are the essential characteristics of an efficient dragon boat paddler.

Being a physically active person since my early years, I have gone through the exploration of different sports such as swimming, volleyball, basketball, and badminton– none of which I completely dedicated myself to until the cliché sudden turn of events happened – I ‘fell in love at first try’ with dragon boat.

Dragon boat is an adrenaline-rush water sport originating from China in which competing teams drive their long boats with 10 or 20 paddlers, one drummer, and one steersman on board toward the finish line by paddling according to the beat of the drum.

I am a pacer and bow side (left side) paddler of the pioneering team of the sport in Bahrain for more than a year and I would like to share a few reasons as to why you should give dragon boat racing a try:

  • There is a seat for everyone in dragon boat

Dragon boat is an inclusive sport open to people from all walks of life; just make sure that your mind can handle the explosive and high intensity trainings!

  • It forms friendships and memories

Admit it. We sometimes go to the gym just to socialize. Through dragon boat, you get to build new connections with your teammates with no money spent for gym fees!

  • It is cathartic and good for your well-being

Feel the adrenaline rush as you race your way to the finish line while at the same time enjoy the sweet fruit of your training!

  • It is a multifaceted sport

Being a university student, I was able to discipline myself in terms of time management, food that I consume, and screen time – dragon boat is a sport that delivers a holistic approach to its athletes.

  • IT’S FUN!

Because having fun is one of the key characteristics in staying committed to the sport. 

Remember – we don’t row, we paddle!

Are you ready to step up your game?

Carmella is a college student at the University of Bahrain who has keen interest in sports, arts, and science and is a core member of Mabuhay Paddlers Dragon Boat Team. |
Contact number: +973 3407 4409