The curious case of the ‘Curious Burger’

We explore the origins of Bahrain’s trending “Curious Burger”, an exclusive burger curated by Hessa Humood Al-Khalifa, Gastro-Diplomat and Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef.

Image credits: @greyimagephoto

Your Instagram handle is Curiously Hungry. How did this come about?

Curiously enough, I was thinking of a name to start a new blog back on New Year’s Eve 2013…I was sitting in my PJs drinking hot chocolate and thinking “What am I?” “How do I describe myself?”

I’m A) A curious individual. I like to question things and get to understand why things are the way they are.

And B) I’m almost always hungry at any given time! But I’m also hungry in the sense that I’m always learning and in a constant quest for meaning. So those two words combined really sum up my attitude towards knowledge and especially in my favourite subject, food! 

Tell us about your insta-famous burgers, dubbed the “Curious Burger”. Is there a secret ingredient?

It honestly has taken a life of its own! I first made it for myself back in March 2020. Restaurants were suspending operations and it was uncertain whether it was safe to order (turns out now that it is) and I was craving a good burger. So at the time, I decided to experiment on one myself. After a few of my friends tried it they convinced me to start selling it. And now I get to actually do what I love, share my food with people. So the only secret ingredient…as cliche as it sounds; is love.

The “Curious Burger”

What’s the process to order a curious burger?

I’ve finally set up an easy website to use. So far the only item you can order is the burger!! The system I’ve developed is, I take orders once a week, namely Friday morning. The slots fill up really fast! I’ve heard people set alarms which blows my mind and humbles me at the same time.

Which is your favourite burger (place) in Bahrain, apart from your own?

Blaze Burgers, for sure! I’m actually collaborating with them for the month of October! We will be launching a limited time only Curious Slider box and Cinnamon Cereal milkshake! All based on my childhood memories and to honour the child inside of us that we seem to forget in these crazy and trying times. 

What’s your take on the food scene in Bahrain?

The food scene has changed drastically in the past 10 years and will change drastically again. Where the first change was due to the promise and hope of entrepreneurship, the second change will be sort of a survival of the fittest.

I wish every business owner luck, and I want to thank them and their staff for their bravery. Working in uncertain conditions and feeding the masses is commendable. I think the Bahrain food scene can weather this storm and hopefully, our favourite restaurants will be here when the dust settles.