Tech Trends: A rundown on the latest in apps and gadgets


For creatives: Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe releases its latest video-editing app on mobile featuring multi-track editing along with support for video, audio, and image files. It packs most of the standard adobe premiere on PC, being able to put transitions, text, sounds, and the likes.

For podcast lovers: Luminary

Luminary is a podcast app that is similar to Netflix. It showcases and categorizes a huge variety of podcasts for a fee monthly. Discover original and exclusive content alongside your favorite free podcasts.

For health aficionados: CalorieCap

CalorieCap is a diet app for people who want to eat out and maintain their nutritional goals. It lists meals from restaurants that are already curated for their nutritional values, giving you insight to how it will affect your diet.

For students and professionals: WPS Office

WPS Office is office suite software capable of word, excel, PowerPoint, and PDF editing. It is compatible with Microsoft office, Google Docs, and cloud sharing services. The best part? It’s free!


Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

VR is taking the gaming world by storm and having a VR headset is becoming a staple. Oculus Go runs with a Qualcomm chipset, 32gb and 64gb variants, and comes bundled with an intuitive controller.

Tile Pro Tracker with Replaceable Battery

These small and nifty gadgets keep track of anything you attach them too. You’ll also be able to receive notifications when the gadgets come close to you or another Tile user. It comes in black or white and easy to set-up with the mobile app and a Tile account.

Google Stadia

Google’s Stadia is a 4k 60fps capable streaming platform that promises no waiting for downloads and seamless gameplay. The game streaming platform is able to run on PC’s, laptops, smart TV’s, and even mobile phones all on the same account. Google is set to release it on November 2019.