Take It From a Supermodel: This Is the Key to Capturing the Perfect Photo

Lighting is the most important factor for an interesting photo,” she shared with the publication. “And there doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of light. I mostly find a lack of light to be what makes a portrait stand out, as it captures the spirit of the subject more intimately.”

It is such an honor and so humbling to take portraits of a person deeply immersed in their passion. I have come to know and photograph quite a few ballet dancers in my life and every time I feel an equal amount of respect, fascination and, I have to admit, envy in the most admiring sense. To be able to use your entire physical form to express your inner emotions, to be capable of creating such poetry with every inch of your body, to have the power of gracefully moving and captivating so many people…. I try to absorb all this with my camera and at night in my dreams I dance like that ???? Pls swipe for portraits of principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre and Royal Danish Ballet @albanlendorf for @dossierdanmark #balletdancer #ballet #royaldanishballet #americanballettheatre

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She also offered up some tips for finding this perfect light. “If you have time, move around with the camera pointed at you to find unique light … Just grabbing your phone and taking a random shot in a car at night with streetlight and other car lights flashing behind you can be really cool,” she noted.

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Of course, we immediately went to Christensen’s Instagram to see her photo skills in action, and as expected, her feed was filled with stunning portraits, perfect selfies, and artfully crafted still lives that all have one thing in common: perfect lighting. Now, scroll down to see some of our favorite snaps from the supermodel.