WHERE TO EAT? - August 12, 2022

Take a Trip Through 18th Century France at La Reine Cafe’s Grand Opening!


An all-new French Dining concept is set to host its grand opening in Bahrain on Sunday! La Reine Cafe and Restaurant is celebrating its opening at El Balcon Mall on August 14th at 6:00 PM, with an invitation to experience French cuisine at its historical best. The Cafe will open its door to the public on Monday, August 15th. 

La Reine Patisserie established a year ago, has been one of Bahrain’s favourite destinations for baked food and sweets carrying a touch of French goodness. The Cafe marks La Reine’s newest addition to the island. 

Inspired by the history of France and the lives of King Louise XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette of Versailles, La Reine Cafe and Restaurant is taking us back to the culinary roots of the French dynasty. 

The Cafe brings a French mix with modern twists and tastes. A visit is sure to give you a five-star fine dining experience within interiors that will transport you to the 18th Century Chateau De Versailles. 

Visit La Reine Cafe and Restaurant at El Balcon Mall from 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM


Contact: 13116263

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