Taiwan Travel Guide by Yulia Trubnikova

When I was invited to a trip to Taiwan in October organized by Taiwan Tourism Board I got immediately excited! I truly love to discover uncommon places and this was the perfect chance to! Nevertheless, I don’t know much about Taiwan.

This stunning island, like a little jewel located between Japan and Philippines has absolutely pristine nature, ancient culture, authentic activities and great cuisine. This country doesn’t often cross the minds of people choosing their next vacation spot and for that… they are missing a lot! I’ve been saying “OMG” throughout the entire trip!Taiwan is a highly recommended place to visit and this series will tell you why!


Taiwan has been formed 6 million years ago by the movement of two tectonic platforms where it got its breathtaking landforms. It’s covered by lavish green mountains with crystal clear turquoise rivers, mountain lakes and rocky cliffs surrounded with a beautiful ocean. Wherever you go, there is an abundance of breathtaking view – from sky scraping mountains, dramatic clouds and tea fields to powerful ocean waves, green valleys, and even a volcano! How about that?

The Sun Moon Lake is one of the must-see places. Located in a very center of the island in Yuchin Township, is the largest water reservoir of Taiwan 748 m above the sea. It’s a beautiful lake surrounded by misty mountains. The water is really clean, and the air is so fresh I’ve got vertigo for a minute.

This area accumulates a few different attractions and I’d recommend you to start from the impressive Wenwu Temple located on the hill and overlooking the Sun Moon Lake. Made of mute grey granite topped with red carved roof, the Wenwu Temple is towering at the end of an endless staircase. After admiring the beauty of this temple, take an express boat trip to a station for a ropeway to Formosa Aborigine Cultural Village. It takes around 7 breathtaking minutes in a cable car to the village and gives you the most stunning views over the lake. Formosa Aborigine Cultural Village occupies a massive piece of land over the mountains and offers the hotels, restaurants, amusement park, amphitheater with performances and lots of other entertainment.

Taroko National Park is located in the Central Mountain Range in the East of Taiwan and covers 92 000 hectares. Taroko means “What a beautiful view” and it’s a well deserved name! While you’re at it, admire the majestic mountain peaks, waterfalls, the Liwu River with the Bridge of 100 lions over it, Taroko Gorge,
Qingshui Cliff, and more! Taroko Aboriginal Village laying in a valley between the mountains providing an authentic experience and absolute tranquility is just a few not to be missed places while in Taroko National Park.



Thanks to a volcanic origin, Taiwan has many hot springs especially in the East in Yilan area. The locals say hot springs promote health, youth and wellness. There are numerous hotels providing natural hot springs spa and we’ve stayed in one of them. The brand new 5 star Valletta Hotel in Jiaoxi Township was our first accommodation upon arrival. Lucky us it has an extensive hot springs spa complex with hydrotherapy and it was the best feeling to soak ourselves in a hot water after a long flight. I don’t know if I managed to get younger that fast but I assure you that trying the hot springs relaxes the muscles and moisturizes the skin as well.

There are so many soothing places where you can meditate and get an inner piece. One of my favorite spots was the coastline of Yilan Northeast of Taiwan, where you can observe an endless ocean with people surfing and admire the view of Turtle island! Another memorable view was in Jiufen near Taipei. The view onto the mountains of different heights and shades of mute grey joining the ocean was just truly relaxing. There can be no stress in a country with such views!

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of my Taiwan series next month where I’ll share stories about their amazing culture and cuisine!