Sweet Treats – Help yourself to something sweet at Al Manzil Hotel!

On top of superb quality service, Al Manzil Hotel Bahrain redefines the four-star luxurious experience with their gastronomic delights. Located in the heart of Juffair, Zodiac All Day Dining Restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in your sweet cravings.

The Executive Sous Chef of Zodiac Restaurant, Arthur Pandula, says that he really loves cooking which is why he decided to become a chef. Prior to being the Executive Chef of Kolors, he has experienced back-of-the-house positions like being a head chef and a pastry chef as well as being a kitchen manager at several esteemed organisations. He has been part of the fine dining and culinary industry for more than 20 years. Chef Arthur says he loves Bahrain because of the excellent management system in the region.

“I always look for fresh healthy ingredients”, Chef Arthur believes that this is the secret to his cuisine. This is also what sets Zodiac Restaurant apart from the other restaurants in the region. Chef Arthur’s specialises in making artistic cookery that caters to the people who live in Bahrain who are now looking for modernised and innovative delicacies. This is evident in the Tulip, Pistachio Crème Brûlée and the mouthwatering Fruit Cake.



The crisp biscuit holds the delicious dark chocolate goodness topped with almond flakes.


• Hazelnut paste

• Almond flakes

• Butter

• Sugar

• Vanilla beans

• Fresh cream

• Dark chocolate



The freshness of the ingredients truly sets this wonderful summer-y dessert apart.


• White chocolate

• Strawberry

• Mango

• Kiwi

• Sugar

• Flour

• Eggs

• Milk

• Vanilla


The rich, dark chocolate fudge makes a superb sweet treat.


• 70% Dark chocolate

• Fresh milk

• Whipping cream

• Cocoa powder

• Butter


Pistachios add a delectable flavour to the classic crème brûlée.


• Fresh milk

• Vanilla beans

• Egg yolk

• Sugar

• Fresh pistachio

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