Summer Bodies, Are You Doing It Right?

Clinical Dietician Diana Nakhle lets Bahrain Confidential in on the Do’s and Don’ts…

It’s officially spring time! That time of the year where summer bodies are just around the corner. You start to panic because you want to look beach body perfect.  Summer time is filled with lifestyle changes, and along with the new habits comes a big concern whether you are on the right healthy track.

What comes first into your mind is to search online for beach body programs, or follow a trendy strict diet plan, or grab any product being advertized as the safest easiest way of weight loss. While we all want perfect bodies, resorting to all these might leave you frustrated with a negative feeling about diet and fat loss as you have a short time to get in shape.

First thing you have to do is to look at the situation from a different angle, your path for health and wellbeing and not just changing your body to be ready for summer. Ask yourself; am I nourishing myself well with a variety of food regularly throughout the day? Or am I just following food rules and eliminating certain food? By starvation and deprivation, you will disrupt your metabolism and slow your results. Your focus should be on nourishing your body every 3 to 4 hours with balanced, nutritious meals and snacks.

Sounds easy right? With so many “diet, light, sugar and fat free products” available in the market that makes you think they are the healthiest to eat. However, most of these products are filled with artificial ingredients and refined sugars. Instead, stick to wholesome foods with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, unrefined carbohydrates, whole grains, and lean meats with moderate amounts of healthy fats, seeds and nuts.

It is so tempting the power media and commercials have over our minds, making us believe that a magic diet pill can give us the body we want without any effort. Don’t be fooled, as these damage your health and miracle pills don’t exist. You will not achieve any result without working hard for it, so start putting your effort into exercise and make that a regular habit.

Always seek the help and support of a professional dietitian so that you won’t sabotage your heath for weight loss. Each body is unique in its own way, what worked for others might not be your right option.

Remember that you decided to start the change not only for summer or any time phase, but for all year round. It is just the beginning of your lifestyle change. Find a motivation that keeps you going, as it is easy to lose weight, but maintaining the initial weight loss is harder. Once you feel nice and happy about what you are doing, there is no reason you cannot stay there if you’ve been shown the right way!


Diana Nakhle is a clinical dietician from Lebanon. Throughout her career she has succeeded to provide nutrition counselling to thousands of people to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle