Stepping Up: Interview with The K Hotel’s GM, Volker Mandlowsky

Bahrain Confidential shares a conversation with The K Hotel’s General Manager, Volker Mandlowsky.

With over two decades of experience in hospitality having worked across the world, General Manager Volker Mandlowsky has been continuously setting standards at The K. Just recently, we met up with him to talk about what’s new and what will be coming up at The K.

Volker informs us that after Ramadan, they plan to open up a new Arabic club. The outlet, which name is yet to be decided, will feature 550 sq. of space. In addition, he says that they are taking steps in raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainability at The K. Amongst this is a ‘Go Green’ policy at the hotel that ultimately aims to reduce the prices for hotel guests. Additionally, their eco-friendly initiatives include conservation in the hotel’s central operation to reduce energy and water use. At the same time, strategies for reducing, reusing and recycling waste are enforced to provide better guest experience.

Volker says that they’re very proud to have been awarded the ISO 14001; ISO 14001 specifies the requirements of an environmental management system (EMS) for small to large organizations. This in recognition to their commitment for reducing energy consumption as well as handling environmental issues within the organization.

On another note, Volker shares that they’ve installed a new range of flat screen televisions and upgraded their Wi-Fi connection so that it is, as he tells us, as fast as any hotel Wi-Fi in the world.

Further, KOLORS restaurant will be having new theme nights while the K Lounge is due to be refurbished shortly.

As always, the K Hotel redefines the four-star deluxe experience with its unique rooms and superb quality service.

“People have always considered The K as a 5-star hotel”, Volker shares.

Guests have praised them for providing unmatched service and offering the best in their F&B outlets. Guests have also considered the hotel as their “home away from home” as they were always treated with warm hospitality. Volker prides the hotel in offering a 5-star service – and he tells us that he truly believes this boils down to their excellent staff, whom he considers as the hotel’s biggest asset.