What Your Sign’s February 2018 Horoscope Predictions Mean for You


The January 31 total lunar eclipse in Leo sends shock waves across the axis of your fifth and eleventh houses, the areas of your chart that govern creativity and community, respectively. Are your ambitions conflicting with your friendships? Eclipses always bring radical change, so don’t be surprised if an abrupt shift in your social sphere creates unanticipated interpersonal tension.


On January 31, a total lunar eclipse in Leo creates a tense opposition between your fourth and tenth houses, the areas of your chart associated with home and work, respectively. Were you feeling torn between your domestic sphere and professional aspirations at that time? Similar feelings may resurface during this lunation, so use the first two weeks of February to transform dichotomy into harmony.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, romantic Venus moves into the Pisces constellation on February 10. Surprisingly, however, this week will be more about résumés than roses, as Pisces transits activate your tenth house of professional aspirations.


When Mercury and the sun cruise into the Pisces constellation on February 17 and 18, respectively, you’ll be ready to set sail. Go ahead and bust out of your shell, Cancer darling. Pack your bags, dust off that passport, and prepare for some jet-setting.


Leo is a fixed sign, and celestial lions are not great at letting go. The January 31 total lunar eclipse in Leo may prove to reopen some old wounds, reminding you of the transitions (both joyful and painful) that occurred last summer.


Not even the most disciplined Virgo can thwart the transformative power of eclipses. A new chapter will begin with the partial solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15. This is a great time to kick off a new project at work, sign up for an unusual exercise class (aerial yoga, perhaps?), or explore the benefits of holistic healing.


The truth, darling Libra, is that you’ve never had a problem making friends. You’re represented by the scales, and it’s easy for you to find balance and harmony in any partnership. But during the partial solar eclipse on February 15, allow yourself to explore your individuality through solo artistic pursuits.


Hustling comes naturally for Scorpios, who can effortlessly figure out the most direct path to success. But even the most ambitious Scorpio is not fully satisfied by professional achievements alone. Scorpios are sensitive souls who also value the security and comfort of a safe, nurturing environment.


While many of the signs may scramble to make sense of the January 31 total lunar eclipse in Leo, your experience is pretty straightforward. The karmic lunation activates your ninth house, which governs travel, exploration, and philosophy — pretty much your favorite things of all time.


Right in time for Valentine’s Day, romantic Venus glides into the Pisces constellation on February 10. This transit illuminates your third house of communication, creating a strong link between expression and affection. The line between friends and lovers may be blurred as you create deep, meaningful connections with like-minded peers.


I know you want to save the world, Aquarius babe, but maybe first save room for dessert. Venus moves into Pisces on February 10, activating your second house of earthly delights. Though many Aquarians are more inspired by values than objects, tactile Venus reminds us to connect with the senses through touch, sound, taste, and scent.


On February 15, a partial solar eclipse occurs in Aquarius, activating the ethereal twelfth house. The twelfth house governs dreams, fantasy, and illusions. While other signs struggle in this abstract zone, you’re happiest at the intersection of fantasy and reality.