Science just uncovered one very good reason to buy yourself a bouquet of flowers today

No matter what your circumstances are (and how much you love your life) stress is something we all have to deal with.

This is true for women especially: research has shown that about one in four women report feeling stressed multiple times per day. But what if there were an easy and inexpensive way to bring those stress levels down? Well, according to a new study, having flowers in your house can help keep your stress under control. Who knew it was that simple?

The study, conducted by a researcher at the University of North Florida, involved 170 women who answered questions about their perceived stress over the course of two months. The women were given flowers, a candle, or nothing at all, framed as a thank-you gift, and the women who received the flowers showed a significantly lower level of perceived stress by the end of the study.

These findings seem kind of obvious—who doesn’t love getting flowers? But even buying them for yourself can still have a huge impact on your happiness, and they don’t need to be fancy; just something pretty that you like and will make you smile every time you look at them.


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