Scandinavian furniture and lifestyle brand, ID Design, opens a new branch in the Kingdom

ID Design, since the opening of the first ID Design (IDEmobler) store in 1969, the ID Design brand has become the most recognizable furniture & lifestyle brand.  The group is now considered the largest retailer of furniture and home decoration in Denmark and holds a position as one of the largest furniture companies in Scandinavia. 

The ID Design brand became a household name outside of Denmark in 1995, with the opening of the first ID Design franchise store in Dubai.  It has since expanded to 24 locations throughout the Middle East with stores in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Asia and Southern & Eastern Europe with further plans in development.

ID Design Bahrain started its first showroom in December 2004 as the first dedicated contemporary furniture and home accessory showroom in the Kingdom.  On Wednesday, 12th December 2018, ID Design Bahrain is opening a 1,800 sq. flagship showroom in the bustling Seef District which is home to some of the major commercial and shopping destinations in Bahrain.

ID Design franchise offers high quality products in International design with a Scandinavian touch that has been adapted or custom-made to fit the needs of local markets.  ID Design’s inspiration stems from fervently believing that each individual has a unique style identity.  Their mission is to help you find your individuality and personal interior tastes and provide you with eloquent furniture to create and express your unique style in your home.  They carry a complete product range that covers all your interior home-based needs from living rooms, to dining rooms and to bedrooms, as well as providing an extensive assortment of accessories for you to accentuate your living space.

Shoppers will be able to easily access the new and well-situated showroom and continue enjoying the unique and exceptional European designs that have been enriching homes for over 40 years.