Residents share why they love living in Bahrain!

“Why do you love living in Bahrain?”

A question that somehow most residents love sharing their thoughts on. A melting pot of diverse cultures, Bahrain is an island that is easy to fall in love with. Despite the kingdom being small in size, it definitely boasts a multitude of great things.

Here are a couple of reasons why residents love living in Bahrain!

The people and their diversity

Bahrainis are some of the most hospitable and welcoming persons you’ll ever come across with. Similarly, you will also be able to observe that the expat community is one of the warmest/friendliest you’ll ever find. In general, the citizens and residents in Bahrain don’t discriminate and are very open to different cultures.

The culture

Bahrain is rich with its heritage, culture, tradition, arts and cuisine. Meanwhile, the vibe of the country is diversified with its number of vibrant expat communities. Bahrain’s openness also translates to its social customs which are much more relaxed than its neighboring countries.

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Posted by Bahrain Confidential on Friday, August 28, 2020

The sense of safety

Based on a survey we’ve conducted in our social media platforms, residents in Bahrain feel safer here as opposed to their home countries. According to them, the country has a secure environment that is a great place to live in or even raise a family.

Here’s what our followers are saying:

“Bahrain is peaceful, people are respected, no one is judged where one comes from. Its free of crime, security and comfortable living is guaranteed” – Shameem Al Jaroodi

“I love Bahrain because of its cultural diversity and how the people respect each other. I love the safety it provides, and the peace found in here. Bahrain is my home.” – Reem Aftab Khan

“I landed Bahrain in 1992, got easily adjusted with the people and my job, it is safe and a friendly country, and im happy and honoured that i have lived and been part of their society for years, God bless Bahrain!” – Alicia Lucban

“I have been staying in Bahrain for last 42 years. Bahrain is my second home, my kids are born here & also me grand children are born in Bahrain. Ruler & the people of Bahrain have also welcomed us with open arms. I have also loved Bahrain & will also do so for the kindness and love for one & all. Thank you Bahrain” – Shashi Megchiani

“I lived there in the early 2000’s i had young children. It’s the first place I felt safe with my children. I am English from England.” – Catherine Al Hamad

“In Bahrain u will never feel like you are an expat – its your home” – Shybinth Kv

“Bahrain is beautiful, small, modern providing social security n religious freedom for it’s nationals as well as expats equally.” – Mary Roy