Be Rehab: Building Alliances for the Athletic Community

The recent opening of Be Rehab in Zallaq Springs introduces a new healthcare model; integrating Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Therapeutic massage practices with bio kinetics, acupuncture, podiatry and more to deliver a truly holistic approach to health.


A partnership between Back on the Move and Physio Relief, Be Rehab is dedicated to both rehabilitation and to injury prevention through maintenance of the body. Its mission is to offer a sincere healthcare service towards the wellbeing of the community of Bahrain in an integrated, diverse environment.


With close ties to the cycling community in Bahrain, having been involved in the recent years’ Triathlon events, the Principals of Be Rehab, Lana Peters and Eyad Ahmed, have also formed an alliance to offer custom bike fitting and running analysis.

Whether you are a serious cyclist or just out for recreation, you and your bike should fit together seamlessly. This helps to minimise discomfort, increases efficiency of performance and prevents injury or pain. The custom fitting service brings together body and machine to work together in better harmony.


A fitting session measures both body and bike: An osteopathy-based functional movement screening and assessment of your body dynamics combines with adjustment of shoes to ensure correct angle to pedals, detailed adjustment of handlebars and seat and many other critical measurements – all to ensure the maximum possible harmony out on the road or track.


“One of the advantages that I have observed after a fitting is that the rider has a heightened awareness of his/her body in relation to the bike – something they did not notice before”, explains Lana Peters.


Adjustments to your bike may need to go alongside efforts to improve body function. An Osteopath or Physiotherapist can be likened to a ‘body mechanic’, assessing and treating any problems within a person’s musculoskeletal system. Just like our bikes, our bodies sometimes need a service. Due to the demands of lifestyle, we can become unbalanced our ‘out of sync’.


Osteopathy can help to diagnose and treat areas of muscle tension or joint restriction that may compromise bike performance – and Physiotherapy can help in overall fitness conditioning, addressing muscle fatigue, weaknesses or strains.


“Functional asymmetry – where something is out of balance – reduces overall performance and creates a risk of injury”, Eyad adds. “Physiotherapy, integrated with Osteopathy, helps the body work as an integrated whole and mitigates risk.”


Treatment for cyclists is aimed at improving neck mobility but also extends to overall spine flexibility together with associated muscles, ligaments and tendons. Additionally, the major muscles of the legs – the power for your bike – are considered in a quest to help your body perform to its maximum potential.


With a custom dynamic bike fitting, together with a mix of osteopathy, physiotherapy and associated treatments, you will have a new knowledge of your body dynamics and be able to train to address weak areas.

The result? Better balance and better comfort on your bike, giving you better power and stamina for your next race!