Pretty Pastries: Haute Cupcakes & Customized Cakes

Your wedding cake should be a total reflection of your style and taste. Luckily, Haute Cupcakes got that covered!

What wedding services does Haute Cupcakes offer?

Aside from being a unique cupcake concept, Haute Cupcakes offers amazing designed and customized pastries. Our specialties range from cakes, cupcakes and macarons to cake pops, chocolates and donuts. Aside from the mentioned, we also make pastries depending on the theme or guest preferences.

What kind of cakes do you make? Do you have a signature style?

While we have around 40 flavours to choose from, we can also cater to special dietary requirement such as sugar free, gluten free, vegan cakes. Most especially, Haute Cupcakes has a remarkable cake artist who can create designer cakes, which can dazzle anyone.


Can you tell us about the design process for creating a wedding cake?

Just like a designer dress, each guest gets to have a cake designed based on their own vision. Creating a cake is more than just putting together a delicious treat. First, the consultation stage happens where our artist sits with the guest to take their preferences. Next, our artist creates a rough sketch based on the the gathered information. Previous images of our cakes are also shared when needed. Then, we advise our guest on what would be possible in terms of the agreed budget, flavours, size, design and more. Finally, the order is made and the cake is delivered to the guest on the D-Day.


In your opinion, what sets you apart from the competitors?

We take pride in what we do here at Haute Cupcakes. Our passion, expertise, and knowledge set us apart from the rest. At the same time, we don’t compromise on quality while taking in what would be cost efficient for the guest.


Are there any offers that you’d like to promote?

We have a ‘buy 5 get 1 free’ and a ‘buy 10 get 2 free’ promotion on our cupcakes.

For info and reservations, call Tel.
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