Playing the Gratitude Game by Luna Hageali

One of the greatest and simple gifts of life is to be happy. The fact is we mostly take this for granted and complain about it, a lot!  Being in this vibration can be elevated with greater focus on our appreciation of the blessings we already have. Are you ready to experience genuine happiness? Are you ready to stop feeling like nothing is in your control or hopelessness?

When was the last time you checked in with your happiness account? Whatever your answer is even doing the simplest exercise below will enable you to ignite a spark which makes you feel so GOOD. Being in this vibrational space will give you more leverage for whatever you’re dealing with in life.


  1. Set aside 30 minutes in a quite space with a candle lit, pen and paper.
  2. Take a deep breath: 4 seconds through your nose, hold for 7 and release through your mouth on 8.  
  3. Close your eyes. Visualize simple things to be thankful for.   
  4. Begin listing 10-50 things to be grateful for.  Yes, it is possible! Post it somewhere to be seen daily!
  5. Create any statement referring to your list. “I’m so happy and grateful for being me.” I’m so happy and thankful for all the good coming into my life.”

In the energy of gratitude even breathing will feel great and issues won’t seem as big. You may be surprised to see fresh new ideas and perspectives. The value of feeling thankful is amazing!  Feel the amount of influence you have over your moods navigating your days from un-serving comfort zones. These holding pattern keep us ruminating and recycling negative focus and thoughts that block the good stuff. Your time is now to create your own positive foundation for greater well-being where faith in yourself will flourish little by little.   

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