Pink Cloud Hair Is This Spring’s Dreamiest Pastel Hair-Color Trend

Pink Cloud isn’t just the adorable moniker of a Herbivore Botanical’s sold-out moisturizer. It’s also the name of the latest pink hair-color we fell in love with on Instagram. Jordan Glindmyer, a hairstylist based in Scotia, NY, recently colored one of her favorite clients’ hair ethereal shades of pastel pink and lilac and dubbed the look “pink cloud” hair. And it’s just as dreamy as Herbivore’s rosewater-spiked face cream.

The key to pink cloud hair is its delicate streaks of color: it’s not about a full head of pastels, making it a good way to ease into having pink hair. Typically, Glindmyer dyes all of her client’s hair bright neon colors.

However, this customer booked her appointment a few weeks before a vacation, so Glindmyer had to improvise. “Being out in the sun and swimming will fade out her color, so she wanted something less extreme and lower maintenance without just being natural and blonde,” Glindmyer tells Allure. While she’s away, the pastel shades will fade out to a blank blonde canvas, to which she can add bright hues when she comes back from vacation.

To get her client’s hair completely blonde before adding the pastel highlights, Glindmyer started off by lightening her roots. Then, she color-corrected some uneven blonde bands her client had from an at-home lightening job. Next, Glindmyer toned her hair with a hint of rose gold to ensure that the colorful dyes would look vivid and fade out more evenly.

Next, it was time for the pink cloud treatment. Glindmyer painted on four different pastel dyes: petal pink, lilac, lavender, and peach. Yup, a bit of orange was thrown in there to help amp up the airy vibes. She focused on applying the colors to the mid-shaft to the ends. For each section of hair, she brushed on one or two colors and made sure to blend them together well to avoid any harsh lines. After the dyes were done processing, she rinsed them out with cold water.

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