People Who are Making a Difference in Bahrain by Nourah Alamro

This column would be dedicated to people in Bahrain who are contributing to this society and putting great efforts into helping others and making Bahrain a better place.

Jawaher Fareed Almoayyed, a 24-year-old Bahraini architect who started her home-based business white spoon a year and a half ago straight after graduating from university. Jawaher sells cookies to support girls’ education by donating 50% of profits. Her initial interest was charity as she always wanted to help others but as she put more thought and research into it, she decided that the best way is sustainable charity. She explained that by investing in developing others to better themselves through education, they will be able to sustain this major improvement and be able to provide for themselves in the future.

White Spoon helped 10 girls so far to continue their education since May 2017 and succeeded to raise about 5,329 BD in total from cookie sales alone, plus the generous anonymous donations she received to reach the fund target for several cases. Jawaher believes that when you educate a girl, you educate a family.

By sending a girl to school, she also is far more likely to ensure that her children receive proper education. Alongside with other reasons highlighting the importance of girls’ education such as decrease in infant mortality, maternal mortality, population expansion, and domestic sexual violence, increase in political and governmental involvement, and improve socioeconomic growth.

Jawaher grew her business and now has a shop in Riffa. She continues to support girls live up to their true potential. She receives application through her website and @whitespoon_bh Instagram account. The financial support is not exclusive to Bahraini girls and not age specific, the choice is made based on the nature of the applicant herself as the priority goes for those who are advocates for change and will help others too. Jawaher wants to make a difference and her message to other is that if you take the first step, everyone will help.

Nourah Alamro is a geo-scientist by major and certified in plant-based nutrition. She also runs her own business, Sage, for wellness retreats. @vegan_nourah