Patients Rights & Responsibilities in Bahrain

During sickness, the presence or absence of our human rights becomes a vital, deciding factor in survival and recovery. Therefore, it becomes a major responsibility for all healthcare providers to assure that these rights are preserved for their patients.

Patient Rights

  • You reserve the right to access treatment regardless of race, colour, country of origin, age or any disability.
  • You reserve the right to know, by name, the doctor, medical caretakers and staff members liable for your care.
  • You reserve the right to thoughtful and reverential care, and to offer criticism about your care.
  • You reserve the right to information encompassing all dimensions of your care; to be actively involved in your care, and to converse transparently with your doctor, in language you may sensibly be relied upon to comprehend, about your diagnosis, the treatment recommended for you, the prognosis of your ailment, and any guidance required for follow-up care.
  • You reserve the right to anticipate that, within the primary care capacity and approaches, the wellbeing community will make a realistic reaction to any patient’s solicitation for proper care and services. Health centers are dedicated to the publics fair access to treatment or housing, professional status of those engaged with your care, including if the care giver is an understudy or student or is connected with other individuals or healthcare establishments that are accessible or medically indicated.
  • You reserve the right to be educated regarding the purpose you are given different tests and treatment, and who the individuals are who offer them to you.
  • You reserve the right to personal privacy to obtain care in a sheltered setting, and to be liberated from all types of abuse or provocation. You reserve the privilege to decline to converse with, see any one not authoritatively associated with the wellbeing community, including guests or people formally associated with the health center yet not legitimately engaged with your care.
  • You reserve the right to have an individual of one’s own sex present during physical assessment, treatment, or procedure delivered by a health specialist of the other gender and the right not to remain unclothed any longer than is required for achieving the clinical reason for which unclothing was required.
  • You reserve the right to privacy of your clinical records, with the goal that your clinical record to be perused distinctly by people directly engaged with your treatment or in the observing value. Others can only peruse your clinical record on your composed approval or that of your legitimately approved delegate.
  • You reserve the right to know whether a health center has associations with other health establishments, educational institutes or other outside alliances that may impact your care.
  • You reserve the right to anticipate sensible coherence of care and to be educated regarding practical care choices when health center care is no longer suitable.
  • You reserve the right to be educated regarding health care approaches and practices that identify with your care, treatment and duties. You reserve the right to be aware about health center resources/assets, such as, patient representatives, patient complaints and complaint procedures, or morals boards of trustees that can assist you with settling issues and inquiries concerning your care.
  • You reserve the right to posing inquiries when you don’t grasp information or guidance.
  • You reserve the right to tell your doctor or medical caretaker if you don’t comprehend your diagnosis, treatment or prognosis.

Patient Responsibilities

  • You are relied upon to provide your health care provider with precise data about your wellbeing, including past ailments, emergency clinic stays, infectious diseases, hypersensitivities, and utilization of medication or substance abuse.
  • You are liable for adhering to health center rules and guidelines; including any monetary commitments related to you care.
  • You are responsible for cooperation and to follow the care advised or prescribed for you by your doctor, nurse, or associated health specialist. In the event that you reckon you can’t complete your treatment, you are liable for enlightening them.
  • You need to respect the privacy of other patients.
  • You need to educate the health center about changes in your location, telephone number and in the event that you are permanently leaving the country.
  • You are responsible to be considerate of the rights of health center personnel and the patients (including their privacy).
  • You are relied upon to guarantee security of hardware, furniture, environment and to follow the health center ‘no smoking’ and other policies.
  • You are responsible to regard health laborers and all health center staff and not to affront them verbally or physically.