Passion for Fashion: Interview with fashion designer Lisa Walsh

Bahrain Confidential interviews fashion designer Lisa Walsh, whose works are showcased at Gallery 21.

Lisa Iserhien Walsh is a businesswoman and a fashion designer based in Bahrain. Lisa specializes in high end couture and has established a name in the fashion industry in 2012. Just recently, we had the chance to interview her about all things fashion at Gallery 21.

Tell us briefly what you are doing in Bahrain right now.

I relocated to Bahrain with my husband. At the same time, I decided continue my work as a fashion designer.

What do you think about fashion?

Fashion is something that I have always found fascinating and have been passionate about. In today’s overly-crowded fashion world, most people just bring back the trends from years back. Because fashion is so rampant everywhere, you need to be different. In terms of my designs, I only do couture.

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career as a designer?

When I was a teenager.

How have your cultural roots influenced your designs and collections?

Being Nigerian influenced my craft in so many ways. It’s always fascinating to incorporate our culture and traditions in my designs.

What do you aim to achieve while you’re here?

I want to create a platform where people will be able to get what they want, in terms of fashion. If a person wants to dress in a design that is solely for her, I can make that happen. As a high end brand, my target market is mainly the upper class.

What makes your designs unique?

The ideas, creativity and effort that I put into my work. Each piece that I make is one-of-a-kind; no designs are similar to each other.

What inspired your latest collection?

The inspiration for my collection at Gallery 21 was nature – something that complements the ambiance and aura of the gallery. I created vibrant and unique designs that bring ‘nature to life’.

What do you think makes you a successful designer?

Because I am unique in my own way. Criticisms give me strength and motivation to improve my craft.

What’s your favorite place in Bahrain?

Gallery 21.