Passion for Food: An interview with InterContinental Regency’s Sous Chef Luigi Ferraro

Luigi Ferraro was born in Calabria, Italy, but considers himself a “citizen of the world”. Having acquired remarkable skills and international accolades from his international experience, he now aims to share his culinary masterpieces at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain.


Chef Ferraro has received numerous awards at an international level including the nomination for “Ambassador in the world of good Calabria at the table”, the award “Italian Professionality in the World” received at Montecarlo, the award “Calabresi del Mondo” received at Campidoglio, Rome and others.


He is currently the Executive Sous Chef of the Intercontinental Regency Bahrain. With his brigade de cuisine and his experience around the world, he offers fabulous international, European, and, Italian cuisines. His philosophy of modern, authentic, and delicate cuisines focused on the simplicity of ingredients and its enhancement is bound to revamp the Intercontinental Regency Bahrain’s offerings. “I have been in Bahrain for a short time but I like its modernity. I adore places that maintain tradition and modernity. They are a bit like my cuisine, combining tradition and innovation, but always with great taste”, he added.


“As a good Italian, I love fresh pasta. But I like cooking everything, I wisely mix flavors I have come to know through the years of experience gained from working in different countries.” Chef Ferraro is fond of creating new dishes based on the different places he’s lived in and the flavors of his home, Italy.


“My dishes have to be loving and exciting. My main goals are the product and the client: to maximize the raw material without distorting it, to raise awareness, to let the customer know and understand what he/she is eating. Of course, I do all this by combining tradition, innovation and creativity.” Chef Ferraro says. He draws inspiration from his love for food and his unwavering hunger for the industry. He loves the work he is in and the world of restaurants. “I learned a lot, but I still have much to learn”.


His advice for aspiring chefs? “Follow the work only if you love it. It’s a beautiful job. It takes a lot of time and sacrifice sometimes. But if you have the passion, all this is nothing but a pleasure.”