Paint Your Palette

Get yourselves ready for a real flavour punch at The K Hotel!

A side from being the perfect place to socialize, Kolors Restaurant surely delights everyone with their gourmet choices that will surely satisfy your every craving. Located in the heart of Juffair, the K Hotel offers a deluxe experience especially when it comes to food. Luckily, they have opened their doors and introduced us to their Executive Chef, Nitai Chand.

“I have been cooking professionally for almost 21 years now”. Initially specialising in Chinese cuisine, Chef Nitai has explored various styles of cooking from combining traditional between contemporary, to incorporating modern elements to his dishes. He has worked in India, Dubai, Seychelles, Saudi Arabia, Zanzibar, Maldives and now in Bahrain. He has also bagged awards including the live seafood cooking in International Culinary Championship in Maldives.

Chef Nitai believes that it’s important for a chef to keep up with the latest trends but no matter what type of cuisine he serves, at the end of the day his sole purpose is still to “make sure that every customer is served a well-presented and tasty meal”.


1. Marinate lamb rack with salt, crush black pepper, cajun spice, yellow mustard and chopped herbs. Keep it aside for half an hour.

2. Boil green peas with butter and seasoning. Blend it to fine paste and pass through a fine strainer to get smooth puree.

3. Roast butternut pumpkin with seasoning and chopped herbs, make a fine paste and pass through the fine strainer to get smooth puree. Cut bell peppers in medium cubes, tossed in butter. Toss the cherry tomato with fennel seeds and season with salt and pepper. Make some garlic confit in olive oil and keep aside.

4. Cut thin slices of green zucchini, brush with butter and seasoning. Keep it under heat (salamander grill) and roll it once it gets tender.

5. Remove the lamb from oven and give rest for couple of minutes. Once the lamb is ready, spread the pumpkin puree in one side of plate, arrange lamb rack on the top.

6. On other side of the plate, spread some green pea puree. On the top of green pea puree, arrange all the tossed veggies and bell pepper. Garnish with micro herbs and serve hot!


Lamb Rack Provencal with Butternut Pumpkin & Pea Puree


Preparation of the Provencal


• Lamb rack –  (1 whole rack) 300 grams

• Butternut pumpkin –  100 grams

• Green peas –  100 grams

• Yellow mustard paste –  2 tbsp

• Cajun spice –  1 tsp

• Cherry tomato –  5 to 6 pcs

• Baby marrow –  1 pc

• Red bell pepper –  1pc

• Yellow bell pepper –  1pc

• Asparagus –  4 pcs

• Baby carrot –  2 pcs

• Fava beans –  50 grams

• Garlic –  5 bulbs

• Micro herbs –  1 tsp

• English parsley –  50 grams

• Pistachio powder –  50 grams

• Salt - to taste

• Fennel seeds –  1 tsp

• Crushed black pepper –  1 tsp

• Herbs –  1 tsp

• Olive oil –  150ml