Only 4.8% are coronavirus positive from total tested in Bahrain

Bahrain’s Ministry of Health today reported that the Kingdom had conducted over one million COVID-19 PCR diagnostic tests.

In an update on the Kingdom’s COVID-19 response, Bahrain’s Minister of Health, confirmed the milestone figure had been reached as part of the ‘Trace, Test, Treat’ strategy that has involved proactive testing on a scale well above many other countries.

The Minister highlighted this strategy has resulted in Bahrain conducting 675 tests per 1,000 people, one of the highest rates in the world. Equally, with only 4.8 % of positive cases from total tested, Bahrain is recording cases well below the WHO’s determination that an effective testing policy should identify no more than one positive case per 11 tests.

With a high recovery rate of 92.2%, the Minister explained Bahrain has been able to capture positive cases from those who are asymptomatic or with minor symptoms and has been able to quarantine and trace more effectively, minimising the potential for onward transmission.