A One-Track Mind

Bahrain Confidential showcases some of our favourite cars.



Sleek and sexy like Jaguar makes them, the F-PACE S also has a strong chassis built into a powerful, supercharged V-6 engine. What’s special about this Jaguar is it’s a crossover, which means that it has the power of a sports car and the practicality and efficiency of an SUV.

Practical and powerful, this car would be perfect for people who need to transport two or more adults every day, but its crossover versatility can also make it workable for a variety of different situations. With its good looks, roomy interior and dynamic driving character, the F-PACE S is a car compelling.

Prices start at BD22,995                             



The hero of all terrains – although the V6 has a smaller engine, this hasn’t compromised its pulling ability and brings with it better fuel efficiency. In comparison to the V8, which has a 318 hp; the V6 has a 257 hp and 396 nmt. It delivers best in class power in the V6 category with 12% more torque in the driving range than the competition while having the same pulling capacity as the V8.

The V6 Patrol is the smart choice for families who want their SUV’s elegant, powerful, and safe; not to mention fuel efficient. It has all the elements of being another legendary all-terrain hero: fuel efficiency, power and prestige.

Prices start at BD18,000



The stylish, performance-driven SUV has a place with most families looking for a modern drive. The Infiniti QX60 is ideal for the needs of modern families. It is completely redesigned from the exterior and also features a host of new features and technologies for enhanced comfort, convenience and safety.

Featuring new suspension components and settings for better comfort and agility, and a revised steering system, the QX60 is an intelligent All-Wheel Drive, fitted with a powerful and efficient 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine. Driving the car convinced us that the QX60 2016 has a place with most families looking for versatility.

Prices start from BD18,995



Despite its bulk, the Cayenne GTS 2016 handles beautifully with its excellent steering and precise handling. It is not only sportier than a Range Rover Sport but also most sports car. The base Cayenne produces 300 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque with a 3.6-liter V6; the Cayenne S gets 420 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque out of its V6.

The Cayenne was face lifted in 2015, with a Macan-style front end and various enhancements. The interior GTS package is optionally available in carmine red and rhodium silver as well with other elements in contrasting colour. It’s safe to say that though the Cayenne GTS 2016 is modestly powered huge and quite raised, it is an absolute pleasure to drive it.

The luxury SUV is priced at BD39,000



The Volvo S90 is Volvo Cars’ entry ticket to the premium sedan club. Volvo is clearly intent on shaking up the premium sedan segment with its distinctive executive class sedan. Equipped with a host of new technologies ranging from cutting edge safety to cloud-based apps and services, the S90 is further proof of the Swedish brand continuing transformation. It comes equipped with an advanced semi-autonomous drive and feature, Pilot assist and a world first function to city safety – a large animal detection.

The S90 comes with a clean powerful T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain and one of the most luxuriously appointed interiors and connected infotainment systems.

Prices start at BD21,800