Obsessed with your fitness goals?

You won’t believe it, but that might actually be holding you back!
Have you been working hard to reach a target weight or a specific body fat percentage and just can’t seem to reach your target?
Well, guess what. The reason might be simpler than you think. We often tend to obsess over our end goal; the six pack, the number we want to see on the scale, or the fitness model we want to look like, but have you ever thought about how much focus and dedication you need to have on the PROCESS to get there?

When I started my fitness journey, I weighed 86kg. My height is 157cm so I looked pretty chubby! And I’m just sugar coating here, I was actually obese! After struggling with weight gain and loss over the years, at the age of 25, I finally decided to make a change in my life, a change that will stick once and for all.
When I made that decision, I never thought about how much weight I needed to lose. In fact, I never even thought of a specific weight target that I wanted to reach. I just knew that would demotivate me from the start. So I decided to ignore the ‘final target’ in the beginning. I knew that if I committed to making gradual changes in my lifestyle, I’ll see progress. It’s a simple equation that makes perfect sense. If you focus on the process of choosing healthier foods and increasing the intensity of your physical activity, sooner or later the excess weight will come off. The timeframe in which that would happen, a week, a month, or even a year, should never really matter.
Implementing this ‘equation’ allowed me to see unbelievable results. And THAT’S what I began to obsess over.. PROGRESS. A year and a half later, I reached my ideal weight and transformed my life to become a fitness coach!
So think about the next big goal you want to achieve, but remember that the process you follow will pave the way to your success!

Your Cheerleader in Health,

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