No new strain of COVID-19 found in Bahrain!

No new strain of the novel coronavirus has been found in Bahrain, according to a health official.

“The monitoring and tracking process is going on by the National Task Team for Tackling COVID-19 to detect any new strain of the virus,” Walid Al Manae, a member of the team and the Health Ministry undersecretary.

Other Arab countries including Oman, Kuwait and Lebanon have already reported cases of the COVID-19 variant.

“Bahrain is completely free of any mutated virus,” Al Manae added, according to Bahraini newspaper Al Bilad. “The good news is that the vaccine eliminates the virus and all its strains,” he said.

Bahrain last month began vaccinations against COVID-19 aiming to inoculate a total of 1.5 million people including citizens and expatriates. The vaccination is available free of charge to all citizens and foreign residents of the age of 18 years and above in the kingdom.