Musings on life in Bahrain by Inge Muller

The first time that I read Bahrain Confidential I thought oh my, this is a posh magazine, maybe it’s not for me. After all, I drink milk straight from the bottle and have been known to appear in public without make up, which aren’t very posh things to do on any given day.

I started reading some of the articles, and I slowly changed my perception of what I at first thought was not for someone like me. I found real people, funny and inspiring, and it got me thinking about how our preconceived notions keep us from fully appreciating the diversities that shape us into such a riveting island.

How often do we go to a new restaurant or social setting (or a new country) and immediately start looking for the familiar, a taste, a person, a product that makes us feel comforted because it falls into our own walls of safety. Why do we deny ourselves the undeniable growth that comes with fresh experiences?

Stepping from our comfort zone can be daunting and downright scary, however it’s only outside of these self-created borders that we truly discover ourselves. For example, who knew that I would enjoy a steaming hot cup of Chai Karak coupled with a cheese stuffed roti on a street corner? Or that I would don a jacket in 22 degrees?

Bahrain is truly a melting pot of cultures, ready for us to drink from its many offerings and pour ourselves into the mix. The history and culture beckons to us in the day, and at night the flickering lights of entertainment lure us in.

Step out, breathe in (but not too deep, because you know, dust) and push yourself into new directions. Even a seemingly insignificant but new action, can turn into an amazing adventure if you are willing to let go of self- imposed limits.

So, go on, go ride a camel, or drink milk from the bottle, whichever one will be a new experience for you!

Inge Muller is a mom and salon manager, enthusiastic about health, fitness, and writing.