MOH urges everyone to stop spreading fake news!

The health Ministry has categorically denied allegations on social media linking the passing of a 53-year-old Bahraini man to vaccination.

The cause of the death of the Bahraini citizen was a sudden heart attack that led to the disruption of vital organs, the ministry said in a statement

There is no relationship between the death of the citizen and vaccination, as was falsely claimed on some social media, and the medical records of the deceased show a history of health reviews related to heart disease, the ministry stressed.

The ministry warned against disseminating false and inaccurate claims and against questioning the efficiency of the efforts exerted in Bahrain’s health sector that aim to protect the health and safety of all citizens and residents.

It called on everyone to avoid spreading rumors, to obtain genuine information from official sources and to disregard other that aim to mislead public opinion, especially with regard to the national health efforts during the current circumstances.

The ministry said the health of citizens and residents remains a top priority and the healthcare and treatment services it provides are of high quality.