Meet the New Director of Food & Beverage at The Royal Golf Club!

Bahrain Confidential speaks with The Royal Golf Club’s newly appointed Director of Food & Beverage, Sandeep Pandey.

After 16 years of experience in hospitality in the UAE, Sandeep Pandey has decided to start his new journey and explore another GCC country – Bahrain. He assumed his position as Director of Food & Beverage at The Royal Golf Club in November 2021.

Congratulations on your recent appointment. What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Thank you very much; I am extremely excited to take this role outside of the UAE. As Bahrain is very new to me, understanding the market, learning a new culture, and taking steps to make The Royal Golf Club a social hub are some things I am looking forward to.

Sandeep Panday, Director of Food & Beverage, The Royal Golf Club, Bahrain

What are some of the trends you see impacting the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry has gone through a rough patch last 2-3 years for obvious reasons. However, there is a strong sign of V curve recovery. People have started going out, events are getting good attraction. Customers have become very health cautious. I see that plant base, vegan, keto and healthy food with calorie intake description is a new trend.

How will you evolve the hotel’s already impressive F&B offerings?

I would focus on creating an experience rather than just focus around food & service. As I believe every hotel and restaurant has food & beverage, what matters is who provides an overall memorable experience.

Are there any exciting news that you would like to share with our readers? What can we expect at the Royal Golf Club?

Being new to Bahrain, it will be too early to share any plans, however, I believe in creating an experience and will focus on giving multiple reasons for golfers and non-golfers to use The Royal Golf Club F&B outlets as their social hub.

Is there a motto/saying that you live by?

Professionally: WIG- “Widely Important Goal” has been my 18 years of hospitality motto. Each decision made is evaluated by its impact on 3 pillars of hospitality:

  1. Associates
  2. Guests
  3. Owners

Personally: “Whatever happens, I will be in my best mood”.