Manifest your way this 2019 by Luna Hageali

Flash forward it’s the end of 2019. Write a detailed statement of what you would like to have had happened. Don’t think about the “how” aspect:

Influence the outcome of what you desire most for 2019 (manifesting) through clearing your Physical, Mental and Emotional world. “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary can speak. Translating to “Let go of truly unnecessary things in your physical, mental and emotional world. Things that aren’t a benefit energetically to your life.


  1. Physical: Get rid of any; articles of clothing, shoes, old phone chargers, kitchenware, bed linens, and toys etc. Donate to someone in need. Gather and remove immediately.


  1. MENTAL: “As within so without”. Whatever you are experiencing in your outer world is reflective of your inner world. Position your words into possibilities statements. Say how you wish things to be instead of focus on the resistance.


  1. Emotional: Prioritize friendships and Assess the value they bring to your life. “Forgiveness” Make a list of people who you feel negativity about; seeing, hearing or thinking of. Try this ancient Hawaiian technique: Ho’Oponopono. It doesn’t mean what they did is ok or that you have to be friends again.

With intention: Visualize the person you wish to forgive and say the following: (Include some of your own wording).

“I’m sorry” (for whatever hurt I may have caused)

“I love you”

“Please forgive me” (For any of my contribution to the issue)

“Thank you” for your time in my life, the messages have been received.

Begin letting of Negative thought processes/patterns, Anger/Resentment about anyone/situation and your physical home and office clutter. UNBLOCK space for positive energy to flow.  Build momentum through continually practicing the above repeatedly.

Make space for 2019 to be different than any other year. It’s time to CLEAR!  If you are seeking permanent change the right support will enable you to go deeper and get the results you seek in 2019. Please email me at Luna@mastermindsalign.com for a complimentary 30 min session either by skype or in person.


Luna Hageali is a certified Management Developer with 20+ years global experience of working with organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.
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