Luna Hageali: The Brand that is YOU in Action

Brand Luna is here to dive deeper into ‘The Brand That is You’. We are all walking brands of how we feel and how we treat ourselves and others. This affects how well we are ‘received and perceived ‘on a personal and professional level. 

How many of you have ever had a great idea, wish or dream which never came true? Time passed and FUSHHH! Feeling attached to the comfort zone cord or think it’s too late? Well it’s time you release these un-serving thoughts.  


Take in 5 deep loving breathes feeling some gratitude energy. I’m 100% certain everyone has things to be grateful for. Aligning yourself to gratitude help release all the negativity blockers. This brings about clarity and possibilities to help position yourself towards your dreams for your highest good.  

Getting into your alignment requires always nurturing your ‘emotional immune system’the quality and quantity of thoughts, relationships, foods, water, physical and spiritual activities you digest daily. This is your power board which helps you receive the good thing life. 

Personal Mastery Activity: 

The ‘Brand that is You’ butterfly model, signifies your potential for transformation. This has been used on thousands of clients all over the world to enabling a shift’s towards real change.  

Self-Discovery Questions: 

  1. What Do You Crave in Life the Most? 
  2. What Are You Most Thankfully Proud of? 
  3. How Does It Feel When You Give Freely? (In your Personal or Professional life)? 
  4. What Animal Best Represents You in Nature


On a separate piece of paper list 2 challenges you are facing currently: Next envision possibilities for this dream to happen. Describe what support resources you would you like to receive.

Once you have tapped into your physical and emotional vibration you will feel the possibilities and a natural positive shift will begin to occur. Stay tuned for positive change in your life. Reach out for a 15-minute discover call to take a deeper dive into the brand that is you. 

Luna Hageali is a certified Management Developer with 20+ years global experience of working with organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.
Mobile: +973 3203 0129