My Love Affair with Cath Kidston

One Christmas at my inlaws I felt myself gravitate towards a set of quirky vintage inspired cutlery and it instantly spiked my inquisitive nature. Strange? Yes.  Life altercating? Most definitely! In this fleeting moment I began my love affair towards the brand, Cath Kidston.

With the need to know more, I started a quick google search and was in awe of their collection of modern vintage designs. Cath herself founded her first store in 1993, selling ironing board covers and she’s most certainly came a long way since then! They now produce anything and everything composing of four core departments; fashion, accessories, home and kids. All are their very own witty prints and quintessentially British designs.

When I first visited Bahrain in November 2015, I was disappointed to know that my addiction would have to dissolve and I wouldn’t be able to add to my already established collection, much to my partners delight (and wallet) I must add! This could have been a deal breaker as to whether or not I moved to Bahrain long-term, but, as I packed my suitcase adorned with a collection to rival most stores my thoughts of moving to a new country quashed any negative thoughts.

Stepping into one of our stores you immediately know where you are, our distinctive style and welcoming family atmosphere stands us apart from the rest of the high street.

– Cath Kidston

I’ve always embraced the romanticist notion that absence only makes the heart grow fonder… or at least I told myself. My addiction was reignited when City Centre Mall opened up its doors to Bahrains first Cath Kidston store. This officially opened in March 2016, so, as you can imagine I was overwhelmed!

A few years ago, I sent a rather cringey email to their inbox pitching to them about expanding their range to feature cat accessories that could be branded ‘CATh KITston’. In fairness they were very polite and eloquent in their response, but, alas, this will not be stocked.

I believe that people are becoming more aware about where the products they are buying are sourced. A quick look on their website allowed me to delve further in to their work ethos, and they have a ‘modern slavery act’ which is quite refreshing in this day and age. This ensures that their suppliers adhere to the highest standards of ethics and demonstrate safe working conditions.

Pop in store or peruse over their website for further info and share the love with friends and family. Everything just screams cosiness but doesn’t degrade on style. All of this and more, in a simplified yet welcoming format – what more could you want?

It almost felt like I’d sat down for a pot of tea with an old friend.

How very…erm…? British! ν