Looking for curated culinary platters in Bahrain? You can get them here!

There’s just something about a curated platter! Apart from being a feast to the eyes and taste buds, these delights can instantly elevate any celebration.

If you’re looking for pre-made platters to enjoy, then you might want to check FIG out! This home-based business offers delicious (and Instagram-worthy) platters perfect for occasions or just a shared meal at home!

Just recently, we had a conversation with FIG’s founder, Abdulla Ghareeb to know more about what makes his creations special.

What was the inspiration behind FIG?

I’ve had a passion for cooking since I was 15. I also love hosting – when I host, I would turn my dining table into a charcuterie board, lay the food where everyone can have a little bit of everything. This is where FIG’s concept was born.

At FIG, I imitate that scene into a smaller scale where it is accessible to everyone. I obviously can’t turn customers’ dining tables into charcuterie boards… not yet at least.

When did you launch it?

The concept was launched in May 2020. It all started when I once hosted a dinner where I had served my friends The Carnivores’ Platter along with The Classic Cheesecake.

What’s your bestseller?

My bestsellers are The Carnivores’ Platter and The Classic Cheesecake.

What do you think makes your offerings special?

FIG offers a really unique fine dining experience. Through our shared platters, people can get together and indulge in restaurant quality food in the comfort of their own home.

How can our readers order?

Orders can be made through WhatsApp on 66901500 or through this link.