Look 10 years younger

Youth is often associated with power, vibrancy and dynamism. These tips will help you look younger.

Only wear clothes that fit

Oversized, baggy, or too tight clothes only make you look like you’re lousy or trying too hard. Wearing clothes that fit you to a T will make you look more polished, and slimmer. Plus, if you know that your clothes look good on you, you instantly feel more confident.

Reduce stress

With a high-pressure job, kids to put through college, mortgage and other things to pay; the idea of reducing stress might seem a bit laughable. But, if you don’t take the time to reduce stress now, this could lead to severe anxiety, stroke, and/or heart attacks later on. Another plus of stress management is less worry and frown lines on your face, which makes you, look more attractive.


Far from being just some new age mumbo-jumbo, meditation has science-backed proof that it’s good for you. If you’ve missed your wallet or forgotten your keys, for the 100th time, its time to close your eyes and say “Om”. Meditation improves your mental clarity, memory, and brain function; bringing down stress levels and keeping you in the present. Bonus: the sense of balance and happiness from meditation keeps you young.

Power Train

Power training can improve your posture and help you avoid injury. When you train explosively, the fast twitch-fibers in the body that help build muscle and increase metabolism; and makes you excel in sports are activated. Having a great physique will also work to help you look younger.

Sleep well

Sleep allows the body’s storehouse to repair itself, increasing its strength and stamina. Also, go to bed a little hungry. Hitting the sack on a full stomach can slow down your metabolism and negatively interfere with sleep cycles. ν