Lockdown birthday? Here are some fun and safe celebration and gift ideas

By now, each one of us has had to celebrate our birthdays under some kind of COVID-19 restriction, be it a lockdown or with limited gatherings. The past year has really made us realise how important it is to have the people we love present, special occasion or not.

Although the pandemic restrictions seem to keep coming in the way of us getting together with our friends and family, now is the time to get really creative and make the best of the situation at hand.

Virtual get together

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen how Zoom took over the internet, being used for various purposes from corporate meetings to yoga classes to chefs providing cooking lessons. Why not a birthday party?

Virtual game night

Games such as Heads Up!, UNO, cards against humanity, are among the many games that have an online version that allow you to play with your loved ones remotely.

You can also create a birthday party quiz on Kahoot! and have your friends and family see who knows you the most. If having the quiz focused on you feels uncomfortable, make the questions about your guests – use questions from fun and embarrassing memories for a good laugh.

Virtual karaoke party

If you and your friends are the musical types, host a virtual karaoke party! All you have to do is find the karaoke version of a song on YouTube, then share your sound and screen so everyone can hear the music, and sing along!

Special delivery

The greatest thing about home delivery services is that you can have practically anything sent to your doorstep! Talabat has a wide range of restaurants and cafés which have great cakes and meals. Order something you know your celebrant loved one would like, and have it sent to their address as a nice surprise.

Extra’ special delivery

There’s nothing better than a homemade cake or meal and knowing that it was made especially for you! If you can’t celebrate with your loved one on their birthday this year, one way to make them feel special is by baking them a cake or a delicious meal and personally delivering it to them.

Remember to keep your mask on, and avoid hugs at this time. Don’t worry, they won’t take it personally – they get it!