Linen & Straw Essentials That’ll Keep You Feelin’ Breezy In The Heat

If we’re being real, it’s currently too hot to be fully clothed. That’s why, over the weekend, we’ve been sticking to swimsuits as bodysuits, easy mini dresses, and athleisure pieces that can wick the inevitable sweat dripping from who-knows-where. But during the week, societal norms, unfortunately, require many of us to wear, well, actual clothing.

Luckily, light, natural materials like linen and straw are both trendy and practical for nearing-100-degree heat — because since we can hardly bear to wear clothes at all, we’re definitely not looking to wear synthetic fabrics. Since this weather has it feeling like a vacation even though it’s not, we might as well dress for it, right? Ahead, our friends at Tictail have curated the summer staples that look and feel cool whether you’re on a boat in the South of France or just the subway platform at Union Square.

“This summer dress checks all the boxes: loose, breathable, shows just the right amount of skin — and it has pockets.”
Sauths Linen Dress, $104.00, available at Tictail.

“Achieve instant vacation vibes with this linen V-neck jumpsuit from Berlin’s atelier été.”
Atelier Été Aya Jumpsuit, $174.00, available at Tictail.

“Cycling to work this summer? This sustainably made skirt features a smart split front, which makes getting on and off your bike a breeze.”
Devlyn van Loon Split Skirt, $137.00, available at Tictail.

“A closer look at these linen trousers reveals an extra-special detail: a barely-there checkered pattern in the lightest blue.”
KM by LANGE Linen Button Pants, $146.00, available at Tictail.

“This straw hat, designed and made in sunny Portugal, is made even more summery with a seersucker band.”
Jolie Su Maryla Jr. Summer Hat, $151.00, available at Tictail.

“This basket bag — from Madeira Island, Portugal! — was inspired by the tropics and comes with cute crochet detailing.”
Sous Jules Bag, $161.00, available at Tictail.

“Keep the sun out of your eyes and look good doing it with a hat that’s just as chic in the city as it is on the sand.”
Ashley Summer Co. Straw Hat, $29.00, available at Tictail.

“Is there anything more versatile than a button-up linen T-shirt? Why yes, because this style from South Korean brand CO/RCA has a cute belt that adds details in all the right places.”
Corca Linen Tied Shirt, $130.00, available at Tictail.