A Lifters Paradise in Bahrain

Charlie Cooksey shares his experience at the Blacksmith Fitness Centre

Let me introduce you to Blacksmith Fitness Center; a gym that provides everything first class from equipment to customer service to facilities. I’ve been weight training for around 3 years and having a good gym to access, wherever I am in the world, is vital. The gym has literally become my second home.

Owned by world-class champion bodybuilder Sami Al Haddad, Blacksmith is kitted out with state-of-the-art facilities and some of the best I’ve seen… far better than a lot of the gyms I’ve trained in back in London. The trainers are experienced, friendly and will always help guide to ensure you’re in the correct form while maximizing your workouts to achieve results.


The fitness centre is well sectioned with a room dedicated to legs, with the main gym area sectioned out with dumbbells, chest machines/benches, back machines, shoulders and a lot more. Overall, there’s plenty of equipment – even at peak times I never find myself waiting for someone to finish using equipment; which is a situation I find really annoying.

Aside from the amenities in the gym, there’s a bar serving freshly made protein shakes, BCAA drinks, pre-workout drinks, etc. – all at a reasonable price. If you choose not to buy one, they provide blenders/juicers with fresh ice cubes for you to make your own after your workout (this is something I love because without ice, protein shakes can almost be warm and it’s not pleasant – ice cold all the way!). Upstairs, you’ve got a café selling pre-prepared healthy meals and a sports supplement shop which offers a discount to its gym members.


Going upstairs, there’s a cardio section with an array of treadmills, cross trainers and stair machines. Also, a section with various ab workout machines. In the changing rooms you’re provided with a clean Blacksmith branded towel and a larger clean bath towel in your locker should you wish to use their showers. There’s also a hot tub, sauna and steam room.

To our fellow readers who are gym lovers like myself, it would be my recommendation for you to check this gym out even for a one-off trial – it pretty much has everything you need. You won’t be disappointed! J


For more information:

+973 7732 3232

Timings: 6am-10pm

IG: @blacksmith_gym