Kiro Iliev: We are our own competition

The only real competition that exists is within ourselves… Life is a competition, but it’s not a race against anyone else. Rather, the real journey is only against yourself and your potential.

We have to strive to become the better version of our self and improve our life in all possible aspects. The outcome of our journey in being better will prove to be the most valuable and precious thing in our lives!

Oftentimes, we acknowledge both the good and bad habits that we engage in our lifestyle. However, I believe that most of these habits are done unconsciously. To experience our maximum potential, we need to make an effort to be in a conscious state of mind. We need to practice mindfulness on a daily basis.

The more we think and involve ourselves in any challenges, problems or tasks in life; the more are the chances to solve or achieve it in the best way possible. Nevertheless, most of us don’t pay enough attention to our experiences and just let each day pass by.

Don’t live your life as a programmed robot – rather, experience each moment and bask in all its hardships and greatness so that as time passes by, you will not have any regrets. When you get old, you can look back and feel good about yourself for all the challenges that you faced and struggles you took on.

Live to the fullest without any regret and hesitation. We are all human beings and on this planet, we are the most sophisticated machine ever created.

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