KFC may soon offer vegetarian fried chicken, but don’t get too excited just yet

When you think of KFC, chances are that you don’t think of the fast food chain as being a haven for vegetarians. But according to FoodBeast.com, that could soon change. KFC is reportedly working on a vegetarian fried chicken recipe that could hit menus as soon as 2019.

But don’t get too hyped yet — there’s a small catch.

As of right now, KFC only plans to launch the meatless creation in the United Kingdom. The future launch is part of KFC U.K.’s seven-year plan to cut calories per serving by 20%. By the year 2020, KFC U.K. also aims to introduce several new meal options under 600 calories.

“Development of the [vegetarian fried chicken] recipe is still in its very early stages,” KFC told FoodBeast.com, “and so the options we’re exploring in our kitchen are still top secret.”

However, the company did reveal that the recipe will include the brand’s classic blend of 11 secret spices that make the OG KFC fried chicken so delectable.

Once the recipe is perfected, the company plans to test the vegetarian fried chicken with U.K. customers later this year. There’s no word on if/when vegetarian options will be made available to KFC customers outside of the U.K., but if the veggie fried chicken is a hit with this crowd, there’s a good chance that the recipe will go international.

If KFC succeeds in crafting a vegetarian version of Colonel Sanders’ beloved recipe, it will be the first-ever vegetarian fried chicken to hit the world of fast food chains.

As FoodBeast.com states, both McDonald’s and White Castle have vegan and vegetarian burger options. But no restaurant chain has yet to master a meatless chicken alternative.