Keizo Gazebos for a Romantic Dining

Dhanyasree M takes us on a romantic dining experience at Keizo restaurant.

February is the time when love blooms in time for Valentine’s Day. However, when you are in the company of you loved one, each day is a day to celebrate. Special moments add a charm to the bond that you cherish. Keizo Restaurant at Al Areen Palace & Spa offers one of the finest dining experiences for the couples who treasure precious romantic moments not only on Valentine’s Day but also throughout the year.Keizo Gazebos for a Romantic Dining 3-1

Keizo Restaurant enchants the visitors through a mythical allure with the artistry, luxury, and comfort. Located at the man-made island and surrounded by pristine water, the restaurant extends into gazebos outlining the lake.

We had reserved our dinner at the gazebos, but an unexpected sandstorm forced us to stay inside the restaurant. The restaurant staff had called us in the evening to inform the situation and to assist if a reschedule is needed. However, we wanted to stay with our plans.

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. — Alan D. Wolfelt

A golf cart took us from the entrance to the restaurant through illuminated alleys. Light and shade from the Palace and the nature created their mesmeric milieu on the way.  We were welcomed by the cheerful staff – who led us to the decorated table with rose petals, flowers and candles. To make the evening more special, our table offered the romantic view of the lake and outside gazebos.

The welcome drinks were a curtain raiser for the courses that would follow. Sweet, aptly fizzy and with a perfect blend of flavors, our eyebrows raised in ‘Wow!’ as soon as we had each sip.  Our hosts were genuinely happy at our expressions, “This is Passion fruit exotic mojito. You will not find it in the menu and we made it especially for the occasion.”

Keizo Gazebos for a Romantic Dining 2

Who doesn’t like special treats, especially on such special nights!

The food flowed in on perfect intervals and we savored the four-course menu including Shrimp Tempura served with spicy mayo, Rum Maki deep fried crab sticks, fried rice, Kung Pao Chicken, King Prawns platter, salmon and the noodles. The star on the table was ‘Yellow Cutter Peeler Mango Shrimp.’ The sushi with the shrimp wrapped in mango peels tempted us on each bite.

Keizo Gazebos for a Romantic Dining 5

“We do not serve ordinary food here, which you can find in other restaurants. This is a destination restaurant, where people drive in from faraway places to experience the unique ambience and the tastefully crafted food.” Mr. Janaradan Das, Executive Chef of Al Areen Palace & Spa beamed in happiness as we relished his signature dishes. We signed our bills and the price was precise for the food and the service at Keizo.

Keizo Gazebos for a Romantic Dining 3

“If there was something to revive in our love, I would have said that this dinner revived in romance. I am so happy now and this is one of the most beautiful nights for us and we will have many more.” My husband said holding my hand across the table. No more explanation needed to agree that, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach.’

“Let’s come back here on Valentine’s Night. The gazebos will be ready to take us into a dreamland of perfection.” I gazed at the gazebos in preparation for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.