A Joyous Celebration at Gallery 21

Gallery 21 boasts a wonderful Iftar celebration during this holy month of Ramadan, Bahrain Confidential tries it out.

Breaking fast during Ramadan is not only a feast, but is also a special social occasion for all. Just recently, we witnessed Gallery 21 Restaurant transform into a joyous celebration of food and culture after sunset. Fancy a great meal with an irresistible price for Iftar? Look no further than Gallery 21.

Arriving at Gallery 21 quite early for the Iftar, we decided to roam around the stylish hub. At the time of our visit, a pop-up boutique showcasing the stunning collection of local designers kept us in awe – we didn’t notice how fast time flew by. After a short while of admiring the wonderful pieces, we were informed that the Iftar was starting and were quickly escorted to our table.Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 8.48.42 AM

Moving on to the best part… the food! The Iftar buffet highlighted a Mediterranean feast with a mix of French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic dishes. Aside from the buffet of appetizers and desserts, included within the Iftar price is a separate menu for the main course. Guests will be able to choose from the Arabic Mixed Grill. Tagine Barkook, Hammour in Harra Sauce, Moroccan Couscous, Beef Haress and Lamb Okra with Fresh Coriander.

During the night, we had the Arabic Mixed Grill; a scrumptious platter of traditional assortment of favourites like Kofta kebab, shish tawook, beef kebab complemented by a tahini sauce. The lamb chops were tender and beautifully grilled and who couldn’t resist the delicious shish tawook? This hearty dish is a must-try with its perfect blend of mouthwatering spices and seasonings.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 8.49.01 AMWe also tried the Tagine Barkook, which is veal with a ginger onion sauce served with caramelised dried prunes, fried almond and toasted sesame seeds. We loved the sweet and savoury combination between the prunes and the beef; the sauce had an incredible flavour as well!Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 8.48.33 AM

For those who are looking for something refreshing, the restaurant has a variety of thirst-quenching mocktails available. Our personal favourite was the ‘Summer Bee’ mocktail, which is a mix of lychee, fresh rock melon, peach butterscotch, hibiscus and spice syrup. The ‘Ananas Cold Breeze’, a concoction of fresh pineapple chunks with fresh grapefruit juice, chamomile tea, fresh lemon juice and tamarind syrup was also a hit.

The desserts weren’t less remarkable. Diners will be able to feast their eyes and tummies with various cakes, macarons and traditional sweets. On top of the delightful pastries, there is also a section dedicated for crepes and ice cream. What more could you possibly ask for?

As always, we were impressed by the chic aesthetic of the place. It was a very lovely experience overall. If you are looking to go out with your family and friends for Iftar, Gallery 21 Restaurant truly makes your celebration one for the books.

For reservations and more information, please contact (973) 177116600, email reservation@gallery21bahrain.com  or visit the website www.gallery21bahrain.com.