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Have You Tried This Environment-Friendly Paint by Jotun Yet?


Here’s everything you need to know about Jotashield ColourXtreme by Jotun

With the changing climate, high levels of heat, and the inevitable passage of time, choosing the right kind of paint for the exterior walls of your home is crucial. Aesthetics and durability go hand in hand when it comes to Jotun’s Jotashield ColourXtreme that’s addressing issues like energy costs, global warming, and heat management with a unique technology!

Jotashield ColourXtreme is designed to last for 12 years with low maintenance. It resists dirt, flaking, and chalking while saving over 60% of the total painting cost you may incur over 25 years!

A pure acrylic formulation is at the core of this new line, ensuring low energy consumption, reducing heat, and preventing concrete decay. The numerous colour options coupled with the innovative technology add to the list of pros, promising durability and an elegant finish for your walls. The colour lasts much longer than water-based exterior paints because of its dirt resistance that keeps walls clean.

The Jotashield ColourXtreme comes with a heat reflective feature that lowers paint deterioration when exposed to heat. This property provides a long-lasting exterior paint with fade-resistant colours.

With two-hour dry time, two types of finishes (Matte and Silk), and a long-lasting, durable quality achieved in two coats, the Jotashield ColourXtreme is a must-add to your list if you’re looking for a home makeover or building from scratch!

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