Features, What to Do - February 7, 2023

Join This Clean Up Initiative at Karranah Beach on Saturday!


Volunteers from Bahraini non-profit, Clean Up Bahrain are hosting a beach cleaning drive this weekend.

You can join the initiative at Karranah Beach and help clear up debris, plastic, etc. harming the ecology of the site. The cleanup drive begins at 3:00 PM and goes on until 5:00 PM.

Quick things to note before heading out to the clean up site:

  1. Do not wear slippers
  2. Separate plastic waste from general waste
  3. Kids below the age of 12 must be accompanied by a guardian
  4. Bring your own water bottles


NOTE: Shuttle buses will transport you from the meeting point to the clean up site.

For more details, contact: 36501153 / 32285780 or email: cleanupbahrain@gmail.com

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