Interview: Justin Kim, General Manager at The Merchant House

Just recently, we interviewed The Merchant House’s General Manager, Justin Kim, to know more about his thoughts on working for the luxury hospitality industry, exciting news about the boutique hotel and more!

What drew you to working for the luxury hospitality industry?

I have been always fascinated by the luxury segment in the hospitality industry as there are fine details to appreciate the guests wants, needs and expectations. And lots of these elements could be learnt only from the experiences as well as through continuous on-going training to wow our guests effectively yet in a timely manner.

You’ve travelled to a lot of places during your course of work. What would you say stands out in Bahrain compared to other places?

I have worked in 8 different countries and travelled to 48 countries during the last 25 years.

Bahrain as a country has a number of unique aspects. The historical and cultural abundance, liberal culture and diverse community in between expats and locals make foreigners consider the island as their second home. Most importantly, the working environment here focuses on wellbeing.

How have your experiences in working at some of the most sought-after places in the world shaped your principles in running The Merchant House?

Our service philosophy at The Merchant House is “intuitively personalised and intelligently attentive services”. We treat each guest differently to curate a personalised service for them so that we are there when they need us while we provide all privacy otherwise.

Is there a motto/quote that you live by?

I believe in the law of attraction that positivity attracts more positivities and I live by a self-discipline ethos saying to myself that “I can do better” than yesterday, last time, last year, today, etc.

How do you unplug yourself from work?

My favourite thing to do in life is to explore different cultures, histories, eateries, and what’s hot in the industry out there through travel – but this has been difficult for everyone at the moment. On a daily basis, I workout, run, practice yoga, dance and sing once in a while. ????

Name 5 things that make The Merchant House stand out.

  • Understated luxury ambience and products
  • Mesmerising food and beverage offers based on quality ingredients
  • Stronger engagements with local talents and communities
  • Go-Greener activities throughout the premise
  • Last but not least, our service philosophy, “intuitively personalised and intelligently attentive services”

Is there any exciting news that you’d like to share to our readers?

Along with our current Iftar offers, we have a very exciting new summer menu and revamped brunch menu, right after Eid. We will also be launching a private membership club, called “TMH The Club” only to selected and invited members this year.