Indulge your Senses

Ratmanee Wongsangmoung known as “Gigi” is the resident senior therapist at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Bahrain. Gigi is one of the original staff members and her welcoming aura instantly made me feel that I was in good hands. Just as well really since I’d just booked in for a massage!

After indulging in some complimentary ginger tea and completing my initial consultation I was advised that I would benefit from their ‘Thai inspired massage’ that would be personalised for optimum results against my particular ailments.

As I was led through to my treatment room I couldn’t help but pause at various points to ogle the chic furnishings which just scream authenticity as opposed to a garish rendition of the latest gadgets. They keep things simple whilst not scrimping on quality or atmosphere. After all, little things mean a lot!

As I lay down on one of the Thai beds in a private treatment room I was advised of the importance of warming the muscles as Gigi set away rhythmically applying pressue with a Thai herbal that was made up of 24 various herbs wrapped in unbleached cotton cloth. Each herb has specific healing properties including anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, detoxifying, and skin cleansing properties. By using pressure points Gigi was able to control different forms of chronic pain that have unfortunately reared their head over the years. I was intrigued by Gigi’s acupressure as it involves knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, internal organs and systems of the body.

“I ensure that my guests leave satisfied and I follow up with them even after they leave the spa.  I try to go that extra mile to deliver the true Ritz Carlton experience” – Gigi, Senior Spa Therapist

Gigi’s continuous surprises talents didn’t cease to amaze me as she further combined my treatment with reflexology. This is where Pressure points found in these areas correspond to organs and tissue that normally cannot be reached by a normal massage. By stimulating a pressure point the corresponding area will experience a beneficial effect through the reflex of the nervous system.

This also influenced the flow of my ‘qi’ (energy) by stimulating certain points with pressure. I was treat to elements of acupressure to manipulate these points alongside reflexology; a traditional Chinese medicine therapy focusing on relieving stress in our bodies by working specifically with hands and feet.

Wow! She knew things about my body that I thought weren’t relevant at the consultation stage and was able to provide instant relief whilst also remaining a non-evasive yet relaxing treatment

I cannot stress enough (see what I did there?) that you NEED to visit The Ritz-Carlton Spa.


For more information: (+973) 17586808 or email